As a licensed REALTOR® I feel fortunate to represent buyers and sellers in Massachusetts. I have a passion for real estate, but I have an even bigger passion for helping people out. Whether I’m assisting a first time home buyer or an experienced investor I am confident that my skill set will allow me to get customers the best value.

My responsibility is to educate and negotiate. Educate my clients on what makes a property a good deal and negotiate to the best of my ability by understanding what the property is worth and then coming up with a strategy to implement.

What separates me from the competition is my real estate background and the team around me. My father has been a developer and builder for the last 30+ years so I’m lucky to have had exposure to many real estate transactions and interact with those who are engaged in all aspects of the real estate industry.

I’ve been able to develop into an extremely competent and knowledgeable agent by being trained by Rose of Rose Real Estate. Rose Preece has many years of experience and is at expert at handling complex real estate transactions.

As my client I will put you in the best position to succeed, keep money in your pocket and be happy with the buying or selling of your home.

As I always say:

‘It’s essential that I handle YOUR residential!’



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